Welcome to my practice. I am a General Surgeon and you will usually have been referred to me by another Doctor with a problem, symptom or concern for us to address. It is my job to try and understand and define this, then to advise you as to how it might best be managed in your particular case. This requires trust, listening, questioning and discussion between us. It may involve personal history taking, examination and further investigation. You are welcome to invite a support person to the consultation.

Once the issue is clarified, I will endeavour to explain it in terms that you readily understand. I will provide you with relevant and up to date information, including patient information pamphlets and Internet references where applicable. If it is outside my area of expertise, we will arrange an appropriate referral.

We will then discuss the management options available to you, taking into careful consideration the nature of your problem, your general health and specific circumstances and the resources available to us. Options may include reassurance and observation, medication, conservative measures or surgical intervention. I recognise that it is difficult to remember much of what is discussed, so I routinely send you a written summary of our consultation and management plan. You are entitled to a second opinion, and either I, or your local Doctor, can facilitate this for you.

This can not always be achieved in one consultation. The problem may be difficult to define and further investigations may be required. Sometimes, you simply need time to consider your options and formulate questions. New patients are allocated 20-minute appointments and should not feel rushed. If a cancer diagnosis or major surgery is being considered, I prefer to meet with you on more than one occasion. You may be surprised to learn that seeing a surgeon does not always mean you need surgery. If you do, consultations in hospital and a follow up appointment are generally covered by the surgical fee.